$ 5.00

In C.S. Lewis’ book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, four children find their way into a magical land called Narnia ruled by an oppressive queen – the White Witch – who forces all of Narnia to live in an eternal winter.

Aslan, the Lion, is Narnia’s only hope — and as many of you know, Aslan is one of the most iconic Christ-Figures ever to grace the pages of literature.

"Aslan in on the move" is a quote from the book that represents the King is Coming! 

Because of this hope, we too can be as bold as lions - just like Aslan. 

Unisex/Men's Fit

52% combed and ring spun cotton // 48% polyester // Made in Kenya // Printed in USA

Design By: Sarah Garcia

About the Fit : This versatile tee pairs rolled cuffs, held in place with a single tack, with our classic unisex tailored fit.

Features: Side seamed. Unisex sizing. Rolled cuff. Retail fit.

Size in studio shot and model size: SMALL